Our Vision – Serving the Community

Serving the Community

Our Vision

Lighthouse Laundry is not just a business. We believe in doing our part for the local community. We have a passion to see teens and adults alike experience a better day – every day. Lighthouse Laundry is entrusted by the Autism Association of WA to give people with autism a sense of purpose through employment and job security. Accompanied by carers, our amazing guys and girls make Lighthouse Laundry what it is today – a caring yet productive environment for all staff and customers that drop by. The owner John, is a voice for the Austin Association, to encourage other business owners to give these amazing people a chance in the workplace, to flourish at life, engage with new experiences, introducing them to the workforce. To envision a world where autism is not just accepted but embraced and engaged by all in the every day workings is our vision and goal in the small role we play.